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Thitinan Tantidham (ฐิตินันท์ ตันติธรรม)


Education Profile

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering, Kasetsart University, Thailand.
  • Master Degree in Computer Science, Mahidol University, Thailand. 
Thesis: An Application of Neural Networks to Optimal Path Computation in Computer Networks
  •  Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.), Computer Science Department, RWTH Aachen University, Germany.
Thesis: Energy-Efficient Design for Portable Storages on Battery-Powered Computers

Research Areas of Interest

  • Computer Network and Data Communication

  • * Internet of Things (IoT), e.g. Security for IoT

  • Green Computing


ITCS446: Embedded Systems and Applications
ITCS343: Principles of Operating Systems
ITCY541: Digital Forensics Technologies and Techniques
ITCY571: Information Assurance and Risk Management
ITCY591: Special Topics Cyber Security and Forensics

Before 2015:
ITCS323: Computer Data Communication
IITCS320: Discrete Structures
ITCS631: Computer Communications and Networks


  • Daramas A., Pattarakitsophon S., Eiumtrakul K. Tantidham T., Tamkittikhun N. HIVE: Home Automation System for Intrusion Detection, International Senior Project Conference (ISPC), Nakhon Pathom, Thailand 2016.
  • Tamkittikhun N., Tantidham T., Intakot P. AC Power Meter Design Based on Arduino: Multichannel Single-Phase Approach. 19th International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (ICSEC), Chiangmai, Thailand 2015.
  • Tamkittikhun N., Tantidham T., Intrakot P. AC Power Meter Design for Home Appliances. ECTI-CON 2015, Thailand 2015.
  • Manupipatphong C., Siripornkitti N., Kattiyawong P., Tantidham T. Smart E2MS: Smart Energy and Environment Management System, International Senior Project Conference (ISPC), Japan 2015.
  • Suwansit K., Konsombut B., Hankongkaew P., Tantidham T. PMA: Power Monitoring Application for Android. International Senior Project Conference (ISPC), Nakhon Pathom 2014. 
  • Luangsa-ard C., Tantidham T., Intrakot P. An Arduino Network Design for Multipoint Power Monitoring System. The 2014 First International Conference on Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (ESIT 2014), Thailand 2014.


Online Power Monitoring Application
Smart E2MS (Smart Energy and Environment Management System)
IoT Applications and Systems