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About Me

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Hi! I'm Chaiyong. Welcome to my page.

I'm an assistant instructor at the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University in Nakhonpathom, Thailand. I earned my bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from Kasetsart University and my master degree in Very Large Information Systems (MSIT-VLIS) from Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, I'm pursuing my PhD in Computer Science at University College London.

I am trying to write a blog about my journey and study here in UK. You can find it on my Medium page.

My CV can be found here

I taught a few courses at ICT including ITCS 200 - Fundamentals of Programming, ITCS 208 - Object Oriented Programming, ITCS 413 - Knowledge-based System, ITCS 241 - Database Management Systems, and ITCS 452 - Database Design. You can find more details about my teaching in the Courses section.

I am interested in Programming, Database, and Mobile Development.

I love playing football and support Manchester United (glory glory Man United!). I also love every kind of music. I play guitar and compose my few own songs. You can find my songs on my YouTube channel.


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ITCS 200 - Fundamentals of Programming

(Semester 2/2012, Semester 1/2013)
It was fun teaching 1st year students to learn how to program. At ICT, we choose C language as their first programming language. They needed to learn some basic syntaxes but they could understand them very quickly.

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ITCS 208 - Object Oriented Programming

(Semester 3/2013)
This course is challenging to change mindsets of students from procedural programming to object oriented programming. Java has been chosen as a programming language.

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ITCS 241 - Database Management Systems

(Semester 1/2013, Semester 2/2013)
It was a fun course. We did a lot of projects. Students learn how to create data models, write SQLs, and create a real working database application.

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ITCS 413 - Database Design

(Semester 2/2012)
It was the 1st class I taught since I came here. We covered more details of DB than the ITCS 241 including physical level implementation of DBMS.

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ITCS 452 - Knowledge-Based Systems

(Semester 1/2013)
An interesting course covering topics of searching, knowledge representation, rule-based reasoning, etc.

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Android Jump Start

(2012, 2013, 2014)
An open training course for Mahidol staffs, students, and others. Covering basic concepts of android programming.


Sorry I do not have any publications yet. I'm currently studying my PhD now and I hope I'll get one soon :-) My research area is Software Engineering and my PhD topic is "Large-scale source code plagiarism detection".

However, during my time at ICT as a assistant instructor, I have advised 3 senior projects in 2013-2014. The detail of each project can be found below.

CloudyDays - Cloud Storage Integration Solution

Pinij Janviriya, Thanawat Ongarjithichai, Piyapat Numruktrakul

Senior Project    April 2013 - February 2014   

Abstract: Abstract—Cloud storage is an emerging technology which is widely used today although it comes with some certain restrictions. The proposed approach of CloudyDays application aims to alleviate those restrictions. The application applies the concept of RAID 0 to the cloud storage level for increasing its performance, storage capacity, and security. The application creates a single cloud storage combined out of multiple cloud storage accounts and also decreases the total time of file uploading and downloading to and from the cloud. Moreover, due to concerns in security on the cloud, CloudyDays enhances the security level of its cloud-stored files. The results from experiments using the application and Dropbox as a test area clearly show that multiple cloud storages can be merged together. The file upload time is reduced using the application compared to a direct upload to Dropbox website. Some promising future works are also discussed in this paper.
Full paper coming soon

Android Application for Event Management and Information Propagation

Phanuphong Hathaiwichian, Lapas Siriwittayacharoen, Apinat Wongwachirawanich

Senior Project    April 2013 - February 2014   

Abstract: this project intend to solve the problems of propagating news and information, and also alleviate the problem of traditional event managing procedures such as lots of paper work, or long queue at the registration desk. The objective of this project is to develop an android application which provides interesting news and events. Moreover, users will be able to manage their event participation, such as reserving their seats in events, registering at the event site, and so on. More importantly, this application uses QR code to provide an easy way to verify participants’ identity in an event.
Full paper coming soon

SmartPiCam - Portable Wireless CCTV System Using Raspberry Pi

Suchawadee Sontikhun, Thananon Wantaneeyakul, Preeda Lertlum, Watchareeporn Treedach

Senior Project    April 2013 - February 2014   

Abstract: SmartPiCam helps users to eliminate constraints of traditional CCTVs because it is very portable due to its portable battery chargers and built-in wireless connection. Moreover, SmartPiCam is very tiny and lightweight. SmartPiCam uses the credit-card-sized single-board computer called “Raspberry Pi” as the main hardware. SmartPiCam has capabilities to detect movements of any object/person in the video it takes. It is also able to "move" in the same direction as the moving object which results in the detected objects always stay in the scene.

Video Demo


I love music and I am accidentally be able to compose songs. They are usually for fun. However, I was asked to composed few songs for ICT. You could find them with lyrics below.

We Love ICT : Download|Lyrics

A song composed for "Meet the dean" in 2012. I was asked by Aj.Koong while we were on a van back to Phayathai a night before the event. It took only 30 mins to compose!

ICT - We Can Do It : Download|Lyrics

A song composed for "ICT 7 Wonders to 7 Winners 2013", an Routine to Research (R2R) event at the Faculty of ICT.

หัวใจคุณภาพ : Download|Lyrics

A song composed for a thank you party of Mahidol's Department of Quality Development. The song aims to thank you all the MUQD and EdPEx assessors. Aj.Koong also helped composing the rap part!

ขอให้เธอโชคดี (Good luck) : Download|Lyrics|YouTube

A song composed for a farewell event of ICT 4th year undergraduate student in 2013.

Apart from this, you can find my personal songs on my YouTube channel


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       999 Phuttamonthon 4, Salaya, Nakhon Pathom 73170
   Tel: +66 02 441-0909 ext. 183
   Email: chaiyong.rag at mahidol.ac.th
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